Afrika Revenge

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Afrika Revenge
GenreJazz Music

Afrika Revenge is a multi-award winning afro- fusion Zimbabwean Band that became popular in 2005 with hits such as 'Wanga' and 'Anochengeta' that topped local charts.


The group was made of young artistes from Harare and Bulawayo. In 1998 the duo of Willis Wataffi and Mehluli Moyo whose stage name is Taz were part of the now defunct Soul Eternal which was a rave and soul group that played computer music. After sharing the stage with American group Soul for Real as well as Ringo Madlingozi when they toured Zimbabwe, the latter who fell in love with the music invited Willis and Taz to South Africa. However only Willis managed to go as Taz did not have travel documents. It was until the return of Willis that marked the birth of a 15 member project that was to be called Afrika Revenge. The relocation of two key members of Soul Eternal to the United Kingdom made this a successes.

Music career

The band went on to release their debut album 'Sikelela' in 2000. Though the 14 track album did not receive airplay, the band remained resolute. They then released their second offering 'Sibe Munye' (Let's be one) in 2002. The album did quiet well. The video of the title track 'Sibe Munye', is played regularly on Channel O. That marked the beginning of a successful career that was however short-lived. It was eight years later that the group made a huge come back with the release of popular 'Afrika Revenge Presents Qaya Music' album.[1] The albums which sold like hot cakes also carried award winning songs. The group eventually became part of every festival - the Winter Jazz Festival at Jazz 105, the Summertime Jazz Festival among many others.

International shows

Afrika Revenge's fame went beyond the borders that they went to participate during the silver jubilee celebrations of the Art of Living in India where they performed before an approximate two million people. Following the success of their Indian Tour the group toured South where they played at the Bassline together with Kwani Experience.


The group won several local wards:

  1. Song of the Year for 'Wanga'
  2. Best Male Artiste
  3. Best Jazz Album
  4. Best Newcomer
  1. Outstanding Album Award for their debut album Afrika Revenge Presents Qaya Musik.[2]

The Split

After a successful career rumours started circulating in 2008 that the group was going to split but the rumours were denied in the early days. Wataffi even said they were working on an album together as a group that would released later in 2008. By then the other half of the band Mehluli had allegedly turned into an indigenous businessman. Later on Wataffi announced that he was signing up with another band Hit Factory for the release of his solo album Zhizha. This marked the split of the band.

Solo Careers

Willis did not retire from the music scene as he went on to relese two albums “Zhizha” in 2007 and “Qaya Roots" in 2009. His debut Zhizha album carried the hit track 'Rusambo' which featured talented urban groover Tererai Mugwadi. He later relocated to Mozambique citing poor acceptance of his music in Zimbabwe.[3] In 2013 Taz bounced back into the music scene by releasing a single 'IdoloPhansi' which he said it was a dedication to his late friend, Prince Tendai.[4] The song topped the charts at Star FM and once went to number two on the Power FM top 20 charts.

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